from the president

As President of NEEPS, and on behalf of the current NEEPS members, I heartily welcome you to the NEEPS Website. NEEPS is the largest Evolutionary Psychology Society in the United States, and the largest International Evolutionary Psychology Society as well. NEEPS members are very productive scholars who are very cordial and welcoming. NEEPS members create an atmosphere that is welcoming to Faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and everyone who becomes a member. Additionally, interactions among our among NEEPS conference attendees often lead to lasting collaborations and friendships such that our conferences seem like reunions. I am also proud to mention that NEEPS has facilitated members’ ability to obtain academic positons, tenure, and promotions to the Senior faculty level. In short NEEPS is a great Society to belong to, and we hope you will consider joining our Tribe.

- T. Joel Wade, NEEPS President

Joel Wade PR Photo 2020.jpg