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from the president



As you look around the website, you will see the basic information about the society; the history, the previous conferences, the officers, etc., but this only gives you small impressions of what the society prioritizes and encourages. One way to summarize the society culture is an oft used slogan here at NEEPS, “Come for the science, stay for the people.”


“Come for the science“

NEEPS prides itself on rigorous, systematic research, and that has resulted in innumerable collaborations, presentations, and publications as well as the affiliated APA journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. We also have affiliated societies; the Feminist Evolutionary Perspectives Society and Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society have their own research meetings during our conference. Within and across societies, we value constructive collaboration.


“Stay for the people”

NEEPS was founded with the goal of creating a supportive scientific community that fosters student research and encourages constructive discussion.  NEEPS has undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and professionals come back year after year to see each other and present their latest work. We strongly encourage student mentoring and support and we even have members who have attended NEEPS from high school and undergrad up through their doctorates. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. This emphasis on a positive supportive community is a central part of our ethos and sets NEEPS apart from other societies.

So as the slogan says, “Come for the science, stay for the people”, and that is something we sincerely hope you do.  


Welcome to NEEPS!


Dr. Rebecca L. Burch

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